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Hold Pazzive in your wallet and you’ll automatically generate $BUSD and $TeslaSafe. One
Stable Coin and the world's best performing crypto asset for the price of one.

Accumulating wealth and building a strong asset base has never been this simple!

With $PAZ, you’re not just a consumer. You’re a creator!

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Tax Free Investing.

Get ready for tax free gains! Pazzive will now give you the opportunity to Auto-Reinvest Tax Free. Build your wealth the smart way! You’ll be able to take your BUSD and auto-swap into Paz, Rice, TeslaSafe and other future Fuzion ecosystem tokens. This enables building crypto assets easy and also encourages investors to explore what Fuzion has to offer. This auto-swap technology only gets more powerful as the Fuzion ecosystem builds and expands.

Isolation of Buy and Sell Tax.

Most deflationary tokens have buy and sell tax set at the same percentage. However, we tweaked and improved upon this feature by making the sell tax higher than the buy tax. This will result a greater motivation to purchase $PAZ.

Passive Staking Innovation.

Get ready to earn reflections in $BUSD and $TeslaSafe. These reflections are automatically sent to your wallet reducing one more layer of complexity. $PAZ is part of the Fuzion Super Blockchain Ecosystem which means that it will continue to get support from all the tokens on Fuzion and Vice Versa. This state-of-the-art innovation is the first of it’s kind in all of crypto.

The Most Advanced Killer Whale.

We recognize that there’s a place for both buying and selling in the marketplace. We do not recognize however, the ability for one whale to manipulate the markets for personal gain. Our new Advanced Anti-Whale Progressive tax makes sure you get more reflections and the abuser gets taxed more as they continuously sell over a period of 24h. This way, sellers will not be blacklisted from selling more, but it’s up to each individual investor to decide whether it’s worth it to pay out more tax. This way, sellers can sell at their leisure without getting a declined transaction, however that will come at their cost, not the communities.

Smart Lock.

Fuzion is well known to be the first protocol to properly execute a HODL contest. The first of which was TeslaSafe and the second in RiceFarm token. Pazzive is stretching the boundaries of technology and will build in the HODL contest into the Smart Contract. Investors will be able to lock their Paz in and earn up to 100% reward bonuses. For example: if you lock it in for 1 year, you’ll receive 100% more rewards than an investor who has their tokens unlocked. Not only that, there is no risk to extend your locks and collect even more rewards. If you choose to upgrade from a 15% reward bonus to a 30% rewards bonus, you do so at no risk. Furthermore, those who HODL for 1 year will have unlocked true Pazzive income and will be able to transfer and sell Paz tax free.

3 tier security integration.

Pazzive Protocol will be so advanced that Fuzion has a 3 tier security blanket implemented in order to make sure that the contract is free from hacks or dangerous loopholes. It’s conclusive that there is zero chance that any exploits would harm it's holders. It will receive Tap Security 24/7 from Boba Group, which has garnered a reputation to make sure investments are 100% SAFU. On top of that, it will receive another 2 independent audit from a third party auditors. Our investors are our first priority. As the 3rd token of the Fuzion Ecosystem, Pazzive must be built on a rock of armament and invulnerable.



Total supply: 1 Trillion $PAZ

  • 45% for Presale & launch. Liquidity locked for 6 months.
  • 30% for Presale + 15% for Liquidity.
  • 20% for Prize Wallet* (Locked till distribution)
  • 15% for future listings.
  • 5% burned.
  • Team funds are locked and vested over 2 years.

*The Prize wallet is a new innovation to benefit all existing and long-term holders. Pazzive is designed to dominate. The battle plan is to give extreme rewards to holders as we hit various development and market cap milestones. We'll be able to issue and distribute bonus rewards & reflections to all holders.

Transaction Fee Breakdown

4% for Liquidity Pool

4% is added to the liquidity pool.

0% for Friendly Whale

Allocated for high rewards instead.

7% convert to Rewards

7% of each transaction will be converted to rewards (BUSD, TeslaSafe, RICE) and sent automatically to Pazzive holders.

3% to Fuzion

3% for ongoing Marketing and Development.

*Sell transaction fees are double buy transaction fees

Official Smart Contract

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Audit Report

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Liquidity Locks

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  • April 2021

    Protocol Launch - Onboard & confirm initial pairs. Calculate most efficient deflationary models.

  • May 2021

    Establish Core Team & Long-term vision. Soft launch for marketing will commence. Social Media accounts will be created.

  • June 2021

    Teslasafe Launch Campaign - Presale & Launch. Tokenomics simulations will be integrated and finalized. Frontend & design revamp. Rice Farm Dapp begins development.

  • July 2021

    Marketing Campaign Expansion & Rice Farm Dapp Presale goes live for launch. Integrate deflationary mechanisms for Rice Farm & establish Teslasafe Pools & begin formation of DEX & AMM.

  • August 2021

    Rice Farm first IFO launches. EpicBuy token is integrated into the RiceFarms. Paz aka Pazzive frontend and smart contract development begins. TeslaSafe Contest Data Analytics released along with frontend of Contest.

  • September 2021

    PAZ aka Pazzive development in full swing & frontend is released to public. Integration of deflationary mechanism in order for reflections to be converted into TeslaSafe/Rice/BUSD and other tokens.

  • October 2021

    PAZ Presale goes live for launch. Pazzive website integrated with existing ecosystem. Merch store goes live.

  • November 2021

    NFT specialized artist commissioned to prepare for Stage One Fuzion NFTs. NFT frontend development begins. Fuzion NFT stage 1 in full development. NFT gaming universe conception with multiple stages being prepared. Announcement of 5 stage O.C.E.A.N Fuzion NFTs and its correlation with existing tokens such as TeslaSafe, Rice & Pazzive.

  • December 2021

    NFT stage 1 frontend development completed. NFT stage 1 minting presale goes live. Presale whitelist prepared for qualified applicants. Paz & Fuzion NFT Marketing amplified and set to release before Christmas & Holidays. NFT stage 2 development begins.

  • Q1 2022

    Rice Contest Sheet goes live. TeslaSafe HODL Contest qualified winners chosen. NFT Stage 2 frontend updated. NFT Stage 2 art completed and set for release. Fuzion NFT Stage 3 begins developmental and testing phase. Large scale marketing push with influencers for TeslaSafe, Rice & Paz.

  • Q2 2022

    NFT Stage 4 begins development stage & Fuzion NFT Stage 3 is completed with updated frontend and blockchain integration. Concept of Stage 5 Universe goes into testing & development. Rice DEX & AMM completed with frontend update. Rice additional burn mechanisms and features added.

  • Q3-Q4 2022

    Boba design & website finalized. Testnet goes live. Paz integrated with RICE DEX & farms are initiated with Teslasafe & Rice. Fuzion Chain development begins. Boba Presale goes live & launch. Integrate with Rice, Teslasafe & PAZ. Ecosystem expansion into a top 7 blockchain. BTCe development begins.

  • Q1-Q2 2023

    Quad-Token Ecosystem in full swing. Teslasafe, Rice, PAZ & USDB will aim to get listed on Major CEX such as Binance. Fuzion NFT Stage 5 completed & NFT gaming undergoes continued development. BTCe development expands to ETHe and USDe. BTCe integrated into Boba frontend.

  • Q3 2023

    BTCe private sale & presale launch. Marketing campaign begins for BTCe & automatic bridge to other blockchains. PRIZ design, frontend and backend development begins.

  • Q4 2023

    BTCe private sale & presale launch. Marketing campaign begins for BTCe & automatic bridge to other blockchains. PRIZ design, frontend and backend development begins.

  • Q1-Q2 2024

    The protocol by this time has grown into an 8 token self-sustaining ecosystem. Fuzion NFTs OCEAN Protocol is completed & gaming development is ongoing.

  • Q3-Q4 2024

    SEC Protocol development begins. Seclusion (SEC) enables users to transfer crypto anonymously. The main token will also be deflationary & will enable major crypto onramps to anonymous wallets. Gaming DApps (high risk - high reward) are Completed. Bridge to all blockchains. Push for more CEX listing.

  • 2025

    Full bridge to the top 7 thriving blockchains. After a few months of successful bridging, the ecosystem will absorb the top communities & migrates all 10 DApps will be pushed on FUZION (Super Blockchain). Will initiate blockchain at 75,000 TPS at $0.000001 per TX and continue to scale to 1,000,000 TPS.

  • 2026-2027

    Fund the development of decentralized communications & social media DApps that rival Twitter (Epic Team), Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram, Tiktok & Reddit.

  • 2028-2029

    Fuzion Hard Wallet integration with Visa/MasterCard/PayPal with all 10 ecosystem tokens + BTC. Wallet will have tap capabilities, be drop proof and waterproof and will also have a new token SYNA (Synapse) that will be used for all transactions from crypto to fiat.